Pensa Pharma's daily activities and overall strategy are based on the following objectives:

  1. Meeting the maximum standards of excellence and quality to ensure our company's success, always with the guarantee that comes from working for the leading chemical-pharmaceutical group in Spain ESTEVE.
  2. Fulfilling and respecting Intellectual Property in relation to our Partners
  3. Offering the maximum number of molecules to allow better access to treatments contributing to efficiently optimising and rationalising the health resources that guarantee health and quality of life for everybody.
  4. Clear commitment to constant research, development and innovation for our products, to achieve safe and efficient products that meet the expectations of health professionals, users and society in general.
  5. Adapting to the needs of health experts, doctors and pharmacists, providing constant support and all of the information that they need to carry out their professional activity.
  6. Maintaining clear commitment to the principles of sustainable development, through the implementation of an environmental management system (SGMA), fully respecting the environment and fulfilling of all of the legal environmental requirements that apply.


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